Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SHE TURN 6 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!

today 26.12.2012,my lil baby Hanania Danisha turn 6 months old...!!!!!!!!oh my God,how fast time is flies now...she was grow up so fast..she got lots of habits and behaviour rite now...everyday is a new day as she learn new thing...How adorable she is...yessss,it being SOOOOOOOOOO true what people say,u will always fall in love with baby,especially your own baby...And yes,i always keep falling in love with her...Her laugh is my joy,her cries is my pain....

And as she is turn 6 months today,below is her pic with her new habit...yessss,leg slide like a bossss....but it was true,she was the boss for us..hahahahaha

- She already try to push herself infront...
- She can hold her bottle by her own
- She love watching Upin Ipin
- She getting more close to ME!
- She cant have her porridge yet,she have digaste problem when she eat it
- She love carrot puree,cerelac and farley rusk(+banana)


i never boring to be with i wish if i could be with her 24 hours...

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