Thursday, July 26, 2018


terkesan tengok 1 video pagi ni,

everyone living on their own timeline. No one have the exact same timeline with each other.

someone maybe single, but have children.
some couple may been married for 8-10 years,but have no children.
someone may graduate at 21, but got hired only when they 27
someone may graduate at 25 but immediately get hired
someone may get high paychecks but never been in love with their job
someone may get only enough to survive but what they do is what they love
and the highlights for me,

couples are in a relationship but never love each other,
and someone in love with each other but never get a chance to be together.

We, all do have our own timeline. And never let yourself try to fit in others timeline. Be yourself. Its never too late for anything, as long you have the will to do it.
Speaking of that, i admit i've been coward to myself for still here, staying here and change nothing. One day, one fine day, its gonna be my day, i will change everything.