Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Selamat tinggal 2013
Pergimu penuh kenangan
Pahit manis susah senang
Setiap ujian adat hidup

Selamat datang 2014
Datangmu semoga memberi sinar
Kehidupan lebih bermakna
Dan lebih bahagia

Azam tahun baru???
Nak bahagiakan diri dan semua kesayangan
Juga kalau dengan izin Allah
Dapat la panggilan kerja ke overseas....
I want to migrate :)

**nak buat recapp pun xdpt...sibuk sesangat sekarang ni...bangunan baru pun internet xde no update...anyway,HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 untuk semua!

Thursday, December 26, 2013


today 26.12.2013
hanania danisha genap 18 bulan
semoga kamu membesar sihat dan bijak anak mama
tak pernah putus doa mama untuk kamu
setiap saat tak pernah kurang kasih mama kepada kamu
setiap langkah dan sekecil2 kejayaan kamu
adalah hadiah terbaik buat mama

tak perlu ambil hati mama
tak perlu puji,pujuk mama
sebab kamu memang penawar hati mama
andai hilang harta di dunia mama tak kisah
asalkan kekal kamu disisi mama

Hanania Danisha
semoga 2014 akan memberi kamu sinar baru
semoga kita sekeluarga akan kekal bersama
hingga hujung nyawa

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


THEY RECREATE OLD WEDDING PICTURE TO SAY GOODBYE TO HIS WIFE AND HER LATE MOTHER WHO DIED FOR CANCER.....its really touch my heart...lovely picture with thousand means...i wonder if i were gone,do i leave my hubs and my baby  with enough good and sweet memory???

more story at SOURCE : BOREDPANDA

***ai memang hati tisu....tengok pic ni jer dah meleleh air mata...........

Monday, December 16, 2013


start hari ni 16.12.2013
dah kene tukar unit
dari Unit Pentadbiran
ke Unit Peperiksaan

Ya Allah
semoga kau permudahkanlah segalanya

Friday, December 13, 2013


when technology is tooooo far hi tech!!!pleeaseeee,baby/infant should not be xpose with toooo much gadget...even to help you keep calm your should hug n kiss them instead leave them with ipad/ against all this....
When it comes to kids and technology, there is a growing controversy over how much screen time is too much. This topic gets even more divisive when it comes to infants, which is why the Apptivity bouncy seat and iPotty are causing such a stir.
  • The Fisher-Price 'Newborn to Toddler Apptivity Seat' allows you to strap your baby into a bouncy chair just inches from a mounted iPad.
  • It costs $80 and the company says babies can play and learn while using educational apps.
    • Big thumb 2567
  • Some doctors are concerned it could affect your child's brain development, although Fisher-Price says parents have the option to remove the iPad.

While its not unusual for parents to pacify their children with the iPad, is there a difference if a product 'encourages' parents to do just that?

Last updated by sadhor 10 minutes ago
  • "I just think that it's a terrible idea, especially being that its marketed for infants." Said one mother. She added, I have a friend that has a two-year old, that he had an iPAD addiction, and she literally had to break him of wanting this Ipad and screaming for it."
    • Big thumb 5c89
  • The Newborn to Toddler Apptivity Seat by Fisher Price features an iPAD holder to engage the youngest of future techies, but some parents said kids don't need to be exposed to technology at such a tender age.
  • But others say there is a benefit "I think its a good tool, I think that the kids will be entertained, As long as there is maybe some limitation to how long they're watching it."
    • Big thumb da1d
  • The American Pediatric Association says children two and under should have limited amount of any kind of screen time. "But with proper monitoring," Said Leader, "There are benefits to interactive technology." She explained. "They get a lot of mental and physical stimulation by making the cow moo on the screen, books kind of come alive, that sort of thing."
  • There are several other high-tech geared for baby products on the market and it is up to parents to decide if these are the right fit for their family.

The Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPad comes with a mirror that can hold a tablet

Last updated by sadhor 10 minutes ago
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Meanwhile, an advocacy group has called on toy maker Fisher-Price to stop selling the product, saying it encourages parents to leave infants alone to watch screens that could be harmful

Last updated by sadhor 10 minutes ago
  • The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, a Boston-based advocacy group, wants the company to recall its Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPads. The group says it's not healthy for a baby's development and encourages parents to leave baby alone.
    • Big thumb a372
  • The seat is angering parents and child advocates who say the introduction of screen technology so early is harmful to the health and development of babies and claim Fisher-Price’s seat hits a new low.
  • Fisher-Price’s iPad seat is the 'ultimate electronic babysitter, whose very existence suggests that it’s fine to leave babies as young as newborns all alone and with an iPad inches from their face,' said Susan Linn, director of child advocacy group the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC).
  • 'Fisher-Price should stay true to its mission to foster learning and development by creating products for infants that promote, rather than undermine, interaction with caregivers,' Ms Linn said.
    • Big thumb 1750
  • The group cited research by the American Academy of Pediatrics that suggested screen time for children under age 2 was linked to language delays, sleep disturbance and learning problems later in childhood. There was no evidence it was advantageous.

According to the group, babies left alone with iPads also could be deprived of activities shown to be beneficial to brain development, such as hands-on creative play and positive interaction with adults

Last updated by sadhor 10 minutes ago
  • "By manufacturing a device to restrain infants in front of a screen, even when they're too young to sit up, Fisher-Price actually discourages interactions that are crucial to learning and healthy development," Dr. Susan Linn, the group's director, said in the statement.
    • Big thumb d1be
  • "Babies thrive when they're talked to, played with, and held - not when they're alone with a screen," Linn said.

Juliette Reashor, a spokeswoman for Fisher-Price, a brand owned by toy manufacturer Mattel, said in a statement:

Last updated by sadhor 10 minutes ago
  • That consumers who purchased the Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat for iPad gave it positive reviews "that show strong parent involvement and support."
  • The seat was never meant to be an educational product for children and is only available online, she said.
    • Big thumb 2c49
  • "We wanted to offer it as yet another option for those parents who want the added feature of engaging in age-appropriate content with their children," Reashor said in the statement.
  • The infant seat includes a mirror that can hold an iPad, providing "another way to stimulate and engage baby while protecting your device from baby's sticky fingers and preventing unintentional navigating to other apps," a product description on Fisher-Price's website said.
  • The company offers free apps to use with the seat that feature "soft, soothing sounds and nature scenes, black-and-white images and high-contrast patterns that help develop eye-tracking skills," it said. Other apps for older babies introduce letters and numbers through sing-along tunes, sounds and friendly characters.
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  • The apps' visual content ends after 10-12 minutes to help parents keep track of their child's viewing time, the website said.

Other retailers have created similar products aimed at putting screen devices in front of children at the earliest ages and there is an equal amount of outrage aimed at it

Last updated by sadhor 10 minutes ago
  • CTA Digital’s 2-in-1 iPotty With Activity Seat for iPad allows babies and toddlers to tap away at a tablet positioned in front of a plastic potty-training bowl.
    • Big thumb a238
  • The company, which makes accessories for tablets and video games, has a commissioned study on its site that touts the use of technology in child development, including potty training.
  • “Many young children already love playing with their parents’ iPad, and now they can safely do so with the iPotty,” CTA Digital says on its Web site. “It provides a fun and comfortable place to sit, while learning how to safely use the potty, playing apps, reading books or watching video clips.”
  • The Brooklyn-based company said that despite some criticism, it has seen a boom in sales of the iPotty. The toilet trainer was first introduced a year ago and has become the company’s second-most popular product aimed at babies and children.
    • Big thumb 11c6
  • The slew of new baby-tech products has drawn criticism from parents blasting CTA and Fisher-Price in’s customer-review sections. Fisher-Price’s seat had more than 100 reviews, many negative.
  • It's not the first time Fisher Price has been in the hot seat for a high-tech baby toy. Last year the company picked up the same worst toy award from the group for a stuffed monkey toy that mounted an iPhone in the belly area, and ran special Fisher Price apps.


Thursday, December 12, 2013


cant wait to see my baby turns 2y/o++ 
so i can let her be fashionable...
girlsssssssss cloth
are so tempting.........


sedang viral dalam fb post about this 10 Tips Berguna dari Child to tuan punya entry Adlil Rajjah ...satu perkongsian yang sangat berguna untuk kita yang ada anak kecil...betapa cetek lagi ilmu parenting ku..betapa si Hanania sekarang sedang meningkat dan membesar dan menguji kesabaran...apa yang baik kita ikut,apa yang tak baik,kita elak...kita yang corakkan anak kita sementara dia masih toddlers nanti..bila dah exposure to school,tooooooo many factors will appears...

so,lets enjoy all the tips...

1. Biasakan dan kerapkan bawak anak main pasir, buih, rumput, dan plastesin. 

Kalau boleh biar dia sentuh guna tangan dan kaki. Biar dia exposed dan touched dengan texture pasir, rumput, buih, etc. Benda-benda tu sangat merangsang motor skills dan sensory skills anak-anak.
Aku nak explain lebih-lebih pon, aku bukan doktor. T_T
So mohon akur je lah dengan fakta yang diberikan ini.

**this one absolutely memang kena expose dengan nia..hari tu g langkawi dia takut nak jejak pasir pantai...sebabnye??kat rumah memang xde kawasan pasir..hehehe...pegi pantai pun jarang2...bubbles,grass tu nia dah biasa.....

2. Don't expose to too much things in a box. 

"Things in a box" tu macam, tivi, ipad, tablet, phone, games etc. Yang ni paling ngeri.
Aku tengok sendiri dengan mata kepala aku, masa pergi special school Dr Sherine tu, ada sorang budak Australian ni. Umur baru 4 tahun. Jari tangan dia, kaki dia, lutut dia, semacam tak normal. Tak tahu nak describe macam mana.
Tapi korang nak tahu apa sebab dia jadi camtu?
Sebab too much exposed to computer light and touch screen!!
Scary nak mampos hoiii.
Tak sangka sampai boleh jadi gitu kan.
Mak dia exposed budak tu main ipad sejak lahir tau. T_T

Aku borak ngan mak budak tu, sampai nangis-nangis makcik tu cerita kat aku.
Dia cakap saraf-saraf anak dia dah rosak. 
Sebab takde rangsangan dan kurang latihan pergerakan masa kecik. 
Patutnya masa kecik kan, baby aktif gila nak meniarap la, nak merangkak la, nak lompat-lompat la. Kan?
Tapi sebab parents dia terlalu busy, dan diorang takde pembantu rumah, so dia bagi je baby tu leka dengan ipad 24/7! Hamik kau.
Aku dengar pon macam nak baling lesung batu je kat mak dia. ;D

So bila anak dia dah umur 4 tahun ni, baru nak pergi kelas pemulihan.
Belajar lompat, belajar meniarap, belajar merangkak. Kesian kan?

Sampaikan diorang tak bagi keluarkan apa-apa gadget depan budak tu.
Ada sekali tu, phone aku ada SMS masuk, so aku nak keluarkan la dari beg nak check SMS kan. Tetiba Dr. Sherine cakap kuat-kuat,
"No handphone in front of Alex! No handphone in front of Alex please!"

"Takde masalah kalau nak tengok benda in a box ni (ipad, tivi, phone). But make sure not more than 10 minutes at a time."

"Never leave the child and ipad alone. Watch with him. Tengok Boboiboy sama-sama dengan dia, interact dengan dia. For example, kita cakap, Oh Boboiboy is wearing a red cap. Oh there, Boboiboy plays badminton with his friends! Sentiasa interact dengan dia while watching."
"It's a good sign when he wants to watch ipad, he asks you to join him. But bad sign when he doesn't want anyone to disturb or join him while he's watching. Itu petanda buruk. So always always always be with him and interact with him while watching."

Ini bahasa mudah untuk faham kenapa ipad, tivi, phone, games tak elok untuk perkembangan kanak-kanak, menurut Dr Sherine:
Bila kita tengok ipad, mata kita tertumpu kepada satu level sahaja.
Tiada pergerakan "rolling" oleh mata.
So bila too much ipad, that means no eyes nerves stimulation.
So lama-lama pandangan anak tu tak luas.
So brain dia pon tak boleh fikir dengan luas/kreatif.
So parents digalakkan supaya banyak stimulate mata baby. How?
Bawak keluar rumah. Look around. Atas, tunjuk sky, tunjuk airplanes.
Bawah, tunjuk grass, tunjuk cat, tunjuk flowers.
Kalau tak boleh keluar rumah, still boleh buat dalam rumah.
Contohnya, boleh guna mainan flash cards ABC tu.
Flash huruf A kat atas, supaya anak dongak ke atas.
Pastu flash huruf B kat bawah pulak.
Pastu flash huruf C sebelah kiri, huruf D sebelah kanan.
Dan sebagainya.
Dengan cara macam tu, automatik ada "rolling" eyes movement.
 So bila ada pergerakan mata atas bawah atas bawah camtu,
saraf mata dirangsang dengan baik. 
So brain development pon berlaku dengan baik.
** this matter,lucky me coz i didnt expose to much things in the box ni...kalau guna pun for flash card, some gaming session or dengar lagu...Nia pun can survive without any gadget..mean kalau tak de tab ke,hp ker,Nia tak kisah...and i memang dah terap dari awal kawen,no gadget during eat session xcept to catch the picture...hehehe..about gadget ni memang ai totally agree..i dont want my baby to b an gadget addict...

3) Stimulate their imitation skills.

Imitation skills ni ialah kebolehan mengikut atau meniru apa saje perkara yang dilihat disekeliling. Contoh kalau anak nampak kita clap hands, dia pon ikut clap hands. Camtu.
Dr. Sherine kata, ini masalah terbesar budak-budak sekarang.
Lack of imitation skills.
So vocab kurang, otak lambat pick-up, etc.
Because language and speech is also an imitation skill,
attitude pon imitation skill,
cara berfikir pon imitation skill,
dan semua-semua tu pon related to brain development.

So parents digalakkan buat kaedah-kaedah macam ni:
Say a word, dan suruh anak ulang.
Lukis satu simple drawing, dan suruh anak tiru.
Buat mimik muka macam nangis, senyum, gelak, marah dan suruh anak tiru.
Buat satu kerja mudah macam susun bantal atas katil, susun buku kat rak, dan suruh anak ikut.
 Nyanyi satu lagu, dan suruh anak ikut nyanyi.
Dance mengikut muzik, dan suruh anak tiru step yang kita buat.
Buat satu pergerakan macam merangkak, lompat, mencangkung, bergolek, dan suruh anak buat sama.


Oh lagi satu, Dr. Sherine cakap, pergerakan merangkak ialah sangat-sangat bagus.
Sebab dia melibatkan seluruh anggota badan, dari kepala ke hujung kaki.
Dan menurut kajian, baby yang mengalami fasa merangkak yang lama, dikatakan lebih genius dan berfikiran kreatif berbanding baby yang merangkak sekejap atau tak merangkak langsung (terus boleh berjalan).

**yang ini memang rasanya every baby suka buat.....

4) Banyakkan concept toys berbanding mainan superheroes, monsters, etc.

Concept toys tu macam, ABC 123 blocks, Lego, animals (yang realistic dan senang nak recognize), shapes blocks, vehicles, colour blocks, etc.
Sebab benda-benda ni boleh tambahkan vocab anak.
Plus boleh belajar sambil bermain.
Dr. Sherine kata, avoid belikan mainan-mainan yang tak realistik.
Macam barbie doll, superheroes dalam tivi, monsters, etc.
Sebab masa bermain, dia tak boleh kaitkan dengan dunia realiti dia.
Takut dia terlebih taksub dengan dunia yang fantasi tu pulak.
Macam tak elok sangat la kan.

** lepas ni kene tukar la toys concept Nia..papa lah suka buy superhero punyer toys...hulk la,hello kitty la...

5) Bila nak ajar anak bercakap, ajar word dulu, avoid sentence.

Contoh macam kalau kita pergi zoo, kita nak tunjuk elephant kat anak,
better cakap,
"That is elephant!"
"Wow u see that big elephant?"


Unless kalau anak dah hafal animals tu semua, so boleh ajar sentence dengan adjective pulak.
"Tall giraffe. Big elephant. Beautiful butterfly. Yellow bird."
Avoid guna perkataan "The This That And With etc".
Direct je cakap "Big tiger. Beautiful bird."
Ajar word by word.
Nak ajar budak bercakap kena slowly dan repetitively.

Bila nak bagi arahan pun sama.
Sebut perbuatan itu sahaja. Without a complete sentence.

"Come and eat."
"U must eat."

"Come and sit beside Mama" 
"Sit and keep quiet."

Lama-lama budak tu akan cepat recognize, which one is noun, adjective, verb, etc.
Lepas dia dah banyak vocab, baru boleh start ajar buat sentence.

**Hanania tak pandai cakap lagi..she only can say Mama,Papa,Nak,Tak Nak,Mamam and other few words...

6) Kalau budak takut strangers. Ask them to high-5. Avoid salam, hug or kiss.

Biasanya budak yang takut strangers ni sebab dah banyak kali trauma atau ada bad experience each time jumpa strangers.
Contoh budak yang selalu sakit.
Banyak kali jumpa doctor/nurse yang asyik cucuk atau bagi ubat etc.
So bila jumpa strangers mana-mana pon, dia expect orang tu akan buat pape kat dia.
So macam fobia camtu la kan.

Untuk overcome benda ni, Dr. Sherine tu suggest,
bila jumpa je sesiapa yang anak tu takut,
Suruh orang tu high five dengan anak kita tu.
Biasanya kalau kita jumpa kawan ke saudara mara ke, mesti diorang nak pelok cium salam anak kita kan?
So kalau anak yang jenis takut strangers ni, jangan bagi orang salam pelok terus,
suruh high-5 dulu.
Kalau orang tanya kenapa, jawab ikut style nigga. Yaw yaw yaw. ;D

Menurut Dr. Sherine, high-5 is very powerful.
Dia boleh ubah mentaliti anak within seconds.
Bila kita high-5, akan berlaku sentuhan dalam beberapa saat, 
dan budak tu akan realize yang orang tu tak merbahaya.
So lepas tu, dia akan ok la dengan orang tu.

**hahaha,memang Hanania suka high-5..sep mama

7) Bila anak buat salah. Explain instead of marah.

Macam kalau anak main marker pen, conteng satu rumah.
Hoih mahu kau tak hangin kan??
So Dr. Sherine tu kata, instead of marah-marah membebel tak tentu pasal,
better explain clearly kat anak tu kenapa benda yang dia buat tu salah.

Ingat, anak tu tengah exploring his world, bukan sesaje nak cari pasal dengan kita.
Lagi satu, setiap kali explain atau bercakap dengan anak, 
make sure mata kita dengan dia satu level.
Melutut depan anak.
Jangan cakap atau marah sambil berdiri,
anak jadi bertambah takut.
Nanti dia tak absorb pon apa yang kita nak sampaikan.

Kalau anak kau baring, kau pon kena baring.
Punya gigih nak mata satu level tadi kan. -..-

**yang ini memang ai sedang istifar baiki diri

8) Overly-attached to one person is not a good sign.

Contoh macam anak tu rapat dengan mak je, dengan ayah tak berapa rapat.
So itu petanda tak bagus.
Something wrong with his self-esteem.
So kena biasakan dia rapat dengan semua orang.
Especially family members.

9) Bila bermain, follow his interest. 
Kalau anak nak main ball, jangan tetiba korang nak ajak dia main basikal.
Kalau anak nak melukis, jangan korang nak ajak dia main ball.
Ikut kehendak anak pada ketika itu.
Sebab brain development akan berlaku pada tahap maksima bila budak tu betul-betul interested dan happy buat sesuatu perkara.
Lain la kalau anak mintak nak main benda bukan-bukan.
Haruslah dimarahin dong.

10) Bagi pilihan jawapan untuk enhance communication skill anak.

Contoh bila kita bertanya sesuatu kat anak kita,
kalau anak diam je sebab tak tahu nak camane,
jangan biarkan soalan tu tak berjawab.
Kita yang kena bagi pilihan jawapan kepada anak.

Contoh macam kalau kita tanya,
"Kenapa Haikal menangis?"

Tapi Haikal diam je,
mungkin sebab tak tahu nak jawab macam mana.
So kita bagi la beberapa pilihan jawapan, macam
 "Haikal jatuh?"
"Haikal sakit perut?"
"Haikal nak ikut papa pergi kerja?"
"Haikal bosan?"

Itu contoh.
Even if dia respon dengan sekadar angguk je pon dah memadai.
At least soalan dah terjawab. 
Dan lama-lama kang dia tahu la nak jawab macam mana if soalan yang sama diajukan di masa akan datang.

ok,sangat berguna bukan... :D