Thursday, December 27, 2012


hasil dari kajian entry sebelum ni, rujuk sini
i mmg cari walker untuk dia,walau sekarang pun dia still tak guna walker dia ni
dia still xboleh duduk lagi untuk bagi dia main dlm walker ni
but i buy it earlier sebab dekat jj hari tu ada jcard day and it gave me 30% off!
30% is quite good for almost rm200 for the walker...
i save after surveying,compare,and many more....
so i choose diz walker for Nia....

Brand : Sweet Cherry
Price : RM 199

Features :     
  • Suitable for babies approx 6 to 15 months
  • 4 levels altitude with security lock
  • Detachable electronic play tray
  • High back seat for better protect
  • Comes with rocking function

pic waktu survey..thanx



we try to put her inside

she love it!

as she still didnt use diz walker, i made it as her monthly birthdate present...
kan i bagi dia present for everymonth birthdate....
neway,today 27/12/2012 is papa Nia birthday
gonna make an entry for  him!

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