Tuesday, October 6, 2015


sorry my baby Mishka...
too lil story about you here....
whatever is it,mama always love u....

last 30.9 , Mishka turn 1 !
how time fly so fast...
the last love i could save is your love Mishka....
thank Allah that He send you to my life as He takes my other loves.....
you complete the incomplete me....
no matter what the hardship,i hope that you will grow as a lovely, nice and a good man....
i couldn't give you everything that you want,
but i promise you every blood that through my vein,
every tears that falls,
every laugh,
its all yours....

be a good Muslim
be a good son to us
be a good brother to your sister
be a good man to your woman
thats all i would ask to you

Happy Birthday Harith Mishka Darius

I'm sorry i couldn't give you the party that you should have...
but you will understand one fine day
mama love you to infinity

------ >>> when everything goes wrong
                 having you is the only right thing happen
                 thank you for choosing me as your mother
                 i'm not good enough,but i will always love you unconditionally


  1. dah setahun dah happy belated birthday boy ;)

  2. Happy belated birthday mishka...membesar menjadi anak yg soleh dunia akhirat dan jadi pelindung utk mama


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