Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I was once making a promise to myself when i was losing my father that i will walk away from where i am if i losing my mother too....
On 2007 mama pass away...know that i should walk away but i still had him by my side...still standing right beside me... I had forgotten my own promise to myself since i have him by my side....
Apparently he still by my side till now....
Thru hard n happiness we live together....
And now i think my promise to myself is haunted me....
Will he still stand by myside for future?
Will he still hold on into me?
Will he stop me from walk away?
If i could make him  stand by my side?
Will i still hold on into him?
Will i stop him from walk away?

Walk away isn't easy 
If i could,i rather die then i have to walk away...But being the reason of unhappy him,im sorry.....

Trying to fix everything seems doesnt work anymore..fixing the broken glass,the crack will never lost...

I'm sorry.....for make u drowning in my life..for making u suffer all this giving up...I'm letting you go...

I know u will read it someday..either its now,tomorrow or future,u are the best i ever other man n love will be same as u.

I do love u yesterday 
I still love u today
I will always love u forever

I finally letting you go..
accepting the fact i'm not the one anymore....

thank you so much for all this 10 years together....

Dear Muhammad Hidayat,
I love you so much.....

Mom to your kids


  1. Ini sangat menyakitkan. Tp percayalah, Allah ada penawar terbaik utk luka ayu. Be strong dear.

  2. sedihnyaa baca...ayu, insyaAllah pasti suatu hari nanti pasti ade penawar untuk luka ni..ayu terus berdoa..yakin allah sentiasa bersama ayu..

  3. sobsss..ayu seorang yg kuat hadapi semua ni...keep strong demi anak anak


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